Crash when using daylight system and resolution change (Corona)


Changing cameras with Corona Interactive Rendering on consistently crashes 3Ds max if there is a resolution change and Daylight System is on in Scene Manager (with corona sun/sky).

Just a change in Daylight System or a resolution change by itself will not crash 3Ds Max, only when using both.

Does not crash if Interactive Rendering is off.

Can anyone confirm this? If I remember correctly, it also happened in 3Ds Max 2021 / Corona 6.

3Ds Max 2022.0.1.1002
Corona 6 hotfix 2

Hi, we will examine this issue for sure. In the meantime I suggest to turn On the Corona interactive behavior under the settings of the Scene Manager.
Please let me know if it helps.

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Thank you. :slight_smile:

Enabling “stop and restart” prevents Max from crashing.