Custome Render Output path

Hello Pulze team :slight_smile:

I was recently wondering something about the path we define in the Render Output - Common module. I’d like to define custom “rules” with the output path, prior to output files naming, with some Maxscript or custom Pulze tags or whatever. This would automatically define the output path, depending on the max file location on the disk, since I always use a similar folders structure for projects (like everyone I guess :wink: ). I think it could be clearer with an example:
Let’s say my maxfiles are located in this \WORK\PROJECT1\02_SCENES\ (sometimes some subfolders in there, depending on my needs), and I want to set up main render output path as \WORK\PROJECT1\03_RENDUS. But if the scene I now start to work on is in \WORK\PROJECT2\02_SCENES, then SM would help me to automatically set main render output path as \WORK\PROJECT2\03_RENDUS … I hope it’s clear :stuck_out_tongue:

I remember doing things like that in Maxscript some years ago, so I hope it would be possible … do you guys think you could help a bit on this stuff, please ?

Thanks in advance for your opinion about this.

Best regards.