Dedicate one particular node to job?


Query, as the title suggests. I have a few jobs lined up. I have 2 nodes.

One of the jobs requires a certain plugin that (for hardware compatibility reasons) is not compatible on one of my nodes. So I don’t want this node to render that job.

Can I somehow instruct RM to render this job only by a certain node?


First of all please let me ask you which is that specific plugin. I’m asking this because RM automatically recognizes the most common 3D industry plugins. If any of your Nodes does not have the plugin which is needed for the job the RM automatically sorts out the Node so it does not let that Node to take the task.
If the plugin is not on our list then we gladly extend the list so that is why I’m curious about it.
In the meantime there are different workarounds:

  • You can add requirements before you send out the job. In this way you can skip Nodes which do not have a certain amount of RAM or or a high enough benchmark score. (You can always run a benchmark test by RM on your PCs).

  • You can start a Single image DR job on a selected PC as a “Master”. If you limit the number of the Nodes to 1, then just the manually selected Node will do the job for you.

In the upcoming version you will be able to use more options to dedicate a job to a selected PC.

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That first point seems like the solution I was looking for.

The plug-in is now discontinued, it was called “Dynamo” from DeformDynamics, but they stopped selling it, unfortunately.