Dedicated Distributor Device

Hi, reading the documentation; it states …

Our recommendation is that the Primary Distributor Device should not be used for rendering or other resource-intensive tasks. Such usage can interrupt the distribution and the connection to other computers and it can lead to unexpected issues.

This appears sensible!

My question is, could a dedicated distributor device be a simple Windows PC without render apps installed (possibly the same machine serving the shared Repo folder)?

Also, would this device dedicated distributor device require its own Workstation or Render Node license to work?

For anyone who reads this, I received a direct support email answering these questions.

His answers were:

  • Yes, a simple PC can be used as a dedicated distributer device - this is the best option.
  • Yes, it would require a licence - and this is one of the reason they kindly offer ‘get +2 free’.

Thanks Peter!