Dependencies set during Job Submission will always be set to "Standard" mode

When submitting a new job with dependencies the mode will always be set to “Standard”, even if “Forced” is selected. You can then pause the job and update its settings to be “Forced”.

Additionally, it would be good to be able to choose whether “Standard” or “Forced” is default in a Pool. In our studio we almost always need the “Forced” dependency behavior.

I can provide video or logs if that would be helpful, just let me know. Loving all the new features in V2!

Hello Josh!
Thank you for this report!
I’ve found the issue with the “always standard” dependency type setting on job submission, and fixed it. You should have it available in the next update!
About system defaults, we don’t yet have it on our road map, but I’m keeping it in mind!

Thanks for the quick reply, we’ll keep an eye out for it!