Display Physical Cameras Corona Setup

If i open a corona scene with physical cameras it does not import them in pulze scene manager. i can import one by one but not all at once.
in camera it also does not show the name of the physical camera


We are not able to reproduce this malfunction. May I ask you to send over a simple test max file which produces this error on your end?
Please contact us at support@pulze.io.

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just create a new scene … Corona renderer Vers 7 (did not test with Vray 5.1) … place some physical cameras in scene … in setup list choose “create setup for each camera”
and nothing happens
but i can activate the first camera and say fetch camera … that works
and netxt camera and so on
but in the camera diplay the name is not listed
corona cameras are listed correct !!!


Thank you for the detailed description! This should work fine so in your case something goes off between Max and Scene Manger. Can you please contact us directly at support@pulze.io and send over a simple faulty max file that you described? Thank you in advance for your help!


thanks for the info.
i deinstalled and reinstalled scene manager and now it works as expected
problem solved!

Good to hear! Thx for your response.