Double resolution

Would be nice that the double resolution button respects the ratio of different scenes. For instance I have 3 landscapes and 3 portraits. If I select them all and press the double resolution button, they are all the same ratio (landscape). I’m not sure if this is wanted behaviour or something broke.

Hello Mantis,

Maybe something like this :Setup List icons - room for a new button? ?

Hi Matis,

Totally understandable, it’s on our list to fix this bug.


Hi Mantis,

This has been fixed in the latest beta, you can get your hands on it here:

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Hello Peter,

Weirdly enough, I didn’t receive any email about the 2 last SM betas … any problem or is it normal ?

Thanks again for the fixes :slight_smile:

Hey Nicolas, no it is perfectly normal, currently we don’t send out emails if a new beta is out. But don’t worry you will get some special letters regarding something we have been working on next year :wink:

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Oh ok, no problem, just wondering !
And … it’s “wicked” teasing you’re doing there, you obviously increase my curiosity :slight_smile: :slight_smile: