Setup List icons - room for a new button?


Just thinking about a new button next to the Batch Render one: a Batch Render / Half Width-Height button. The name is pretty explicit: directly run all active setups, halving their respective output dimensions.
Oh, and eventually, long click on this button and another button appears below, now allowing to Batch Render / Double Width-Height if needed …

Well, hum, just thinking you see :wink:


Hello there !
Any chance to ever see this implemented in a future version, please ?

Cheers :slight_smile:

A better one would be, a button that overrides some things for all the setups (for testrenders for instance), where you can specify a preset and an override resolution (in percentage of original setup).

Yeah, could be. But I’d like to keep things simple & fast to setup :wink:

Yeah but simple buttons in the end would lead to a 1000 simple buttons. Better one, that caters more people’s needs.

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Hey guys, great idea but currently this is not possible. That part of the interface is getting a bit cluttered already so beside the most important buttons we won’t add anything else.

We are in progress of rethinking a few things in the interface to give space for custom buttons and all sorts of other things.

Also creating some sort of override feature, like a quick switch between draft and production settings is under discussion, this will probably happen in the near future.