Email Notification & CPU Temp & Run as Service

This is the place to write about your feature requests!

Email notifications for jobs would be great!

That is a great idea, thank you. I’ve added it to our road-map.

It will be nice to see CPU temperatures in Nodes view :slight_smile:

Thanks dawid, it’s already on our road-map!

Running Pulze as a windows service. We often have power cuts and most of our nodes don’t reside on a UPS system so if it isn’t running as a service it won’t start up without user intervention. It’s the only feature we really require.

Thanks you, we definitely look into this in the near future.

The ability to switch on Night Mode to a remote workstation through the UI. Right now it requires remote desktop or going over to the workstation, logging in and turning it on.

It is already implemented, but you might have missed it if your user is not an ‘Admin’ in your network group.
If it is, just select your workstations in the ‘Nodes’ window, and hit the ‘Night Mode’ button.

Apologies yes I had missed that! thank you!

Edit: Also regarding my earlier suggestion about running it as a windows service, I was able to accomplish it last night by setting up a windows scheduled task to start when the computer starts, Just have to test it by submitting a job but it looks to have worked so far.