Entering correct frame number

When using Range in the Time Output node, and let’s say I’m having frames 100-200 set. I duplicate this Setup and want to change the frames to 300-400.

When I change the starting frame from 100 to 300, as soon as I hit enter it changes it to 200 because the end frame is 200, so the starting frame cannot go beyond 200.

Makes sense but it’s super annoying when making a lot of duplicates, if I don’t pay attention, I’ll get the wrong frames even though I entered the correct ones. The workaround is obviously to change the end frame first and then the starting frame, but it’s easy to forget and very annoying when I enter a number and get a completely different number.

It would be a lot better if when changing the starting frame to a number higher than the end frame, the end frame would be automatically adjusted instead of the starting frame.

Yeah I totally get it, it’s annoying for sure, will change the behavior!

Fixed in the latest beta: https://pulze.io/download?sku=pulze_scnmgr_max&ver=2.2.3

Fantastic, you guys are the best. Thank you!