Environment Map not being updated

I have a scene with 2 suns and 2 physical sky environment maps (1 map for each sun).

SM is able to “fetch current” and remember each environment map to each scene setup.

When switching scene setups, the map under “Environment” module in SM updates properly. However, the environment map of the actual scene isn’t being actually being updated.

I am using Redshift, and I know that Environment maps are currently not supported. I don’t know if I should post this in feature request or issues, as I assume “Fetch Current” would work on any map that exists in the material editor. Is there a plan to support environment maps in the future?


Hi Vincent,

Thanks for your detailed explanation. We are currently working on an update which will fix dozens of bugs and will introduce some new things as well. We will make sure to make Redshift work with the environment module as well as a few other specific things.


Hi Peter. That is great news! Thank you and the team for the hard work. SM is a great tool.

Hi again Peter,

This issue seems to be fixed in Beta 2.10.

Thank you!