Environment Modul - Corona Bitmap Output

i try to controll a corona bitmap by the environment modul.

i can controll the Horizontal Rotation
not the output amount
it is listed but i dont get access

is that intended ?


Do you mean that you can not get access to this functions?


no i get the function
but it is greyed out in the environment modul i can not fetch or move the slider

3ds max 2021 latest
corona 7 latest

We’ve just tested it and it should work. Can you send me a screenshot?

just tried with Vray and same problem with output amount … the other controls work fine

That is more than interesting. Have you tried to close and reopen SM?

Hi Attila,

yes i restarted SM i even made a new installation … created a blank scene … nothing helped and last but not least i tried same thing with Vray

May I ask you to send us the faulty blank scene (3dsMax file) to support@pulze.io?
It would be great to take a closer look.
Thank you!

scene is on its way to you