Environment module - HDRI Library


Pretty quiet here these days, but I keep on hammering with bugs and suggestions :wink:
It seems there are a few problems with HDRI Library in the Environment module:

  • some EXR files appear grey whereas others don’t,
  • HDRI Haven tab only shows files names, but no previews, nothing can be selected.

Any clue please ?

Thank you.

Good morning,

Any help, please ?


We are aware of the Hdri Haven problem. Will be fixed by next week with a couple of other bugs.

As for the empty or gray thumbnails. Scene Manager currently required a jpg image placed next to the hdr or exr file with the same name:

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We fixed the issue with the Hdri library, we also renamed it to Poly Haven respectively.

You can give it a try in the latest (beta) version:

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