ERROR: Initialize distributor

we got this error during a rendering section on some nodes.

We checked the Internet connection and firewall settings and reinstalled the render manager, but these did not solve the problem either.

Does anyone have an idea for a solution?

I don’t have a permanent solution, but I too am getting wracked by this error about once a week since the new year started. The only thing I found to help was sign into your account on a browser and unlock your license(s) from the PCs assigned and re-log back in on those PCs. But this is only temporary and you may have the error again.

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We ended up making a completely new pool, making sure that Pulze had a repository folder to work in. This seems to have solved the problem. Finger cross.

I am getting this problem.

The thing that blows my mind is that this problem comes out of nowhere - everything is working fine, I’m not touching anything - and them BAM.

Pulze crashes, restarts, I have to log in again, find the pool again, and now this.

Why does it have to keep getting in it’s own way?

I’m not sure, but I did reach out to support to see if there is a more permanent fix. Unlocking the node(s) from your account and actually quitting RM (not just restarting the app) and relaunching seems to do the trick for me. But I agree, it will come out of left field unexpectedly. Just this last week, it was working flawlessly (far better than backburner for the same task) for all of the WIP and draft renders and sure enough, the day I actually need to start the renderings and I was having that issue. Weird.