Error loading pulzedummy2018

Hello! What do I do with this error in Render Manager?

Error loading file C:\Users\User\AppData\Local\Temp\pulzedummy2018.max

The 3Ds Max program starts then immediately closes.

Hello aagarkov,

First of all please be sure that you have a permission to read and write the “C:\Users\YOURUSERNAME\AppData\Local\Temp\” and “C:\Windows\Installer” folders.
It is inevitable for using Render Manager properly.

If it is not the case then please contact us directly at and we can further investigate the issue.

Best regards,


Thanks for the answer. The problem was solved by reinstalling Autodesk Backburner 2018

Hey aagarkov,

That is strange. We don’t depend on backurner at all. Before you reinstalled it did you tried to restart the job, maybe it was just a one time error. It’s a bit late now, but collecting the logs through the render manager settings menu would be usefull if you can reproduce the problem.

Anyway the important thing is that it’s working, but we would like to figure our why :slight_smile:


Hi @attila.cselovszki and @peter.sarhidai

What does it mean - “YOU” have permission to read and write the temp folder?

Who is this YOU entity exactly?

Checking the permissions for the folder in one computer looks the same structure as other computers we have and yet two of them insist to keep with this error…

  • MY USER NAME has full rights
  • SYSTEM has full rights
  • Administrator has full rights

And this is the same for all computers, but just two can’t escape the error - What else can I do?