Exclude specific entries from "Render Settings - Overrides"

I would like to suggest the possibility of deleting specific entries from our “Render Settings - Overrides” module. I made a simple illustration of how I imagine the UX (ignore the UI design).

On the same page, I would also like to point a strange workflow when using the “Render Settings - Preset” and needing a Override. Currently, we have to fetch the default preset, to be able to override something. It shouldn’t be needed, since I’m already using a preset file. Maybe there should be a way to create overrides without needing to fetch the default preset (only when using the “Render Settings - Preset” module, of course).

Hey @gecko3darchviz

Thanks for the suggestion. We are working on some updates that will make the control of render settings much easier. Actually we are planning to have just 1 Render Settings module where you can add/remove the required settings and control 99% of the things.

This will make the workflow much cleaner and easier to understand!

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Ah, that’s great! Seems like it will be a great update. Any ETA on those features?

I think realistically it won’t happen before Q2. I’m sure there will be several beta versions as always so once we have a version that starts to work we will share it for sure.