Failed to locate job file [SOLVED]

SOLVED: I just changed the Repository folder and send the job again.

I was using the Back burner, but was convinced to try the Pulze Scene and Render Manager. So far, I’m loving both of them.

I am just having a single problem with the Render Manager. We have 3 render computers here in the office, and we have all the 3D files saved locally, otherwise it would take forever to open and save the files if they were saved in the server. The only folder that we share, and it’s saved on the server, it’s our texture folders.

With the Back burner I could just send a file from my computer to another node computer, and it would render without any problem, with the Render Manager it keeps trying to find the original file from my computer. I don’t want to save a copy of a single scene on the server just to send it to the Render Manager.

Is there a way to send a job to another computer node, even though the 3D file is saved locally and not in a server?

All the computers are connected in the same network.