Fstorm renderpasses


I`m trying to do batch rendering with fstorm, The beauty pass is saved and named correctly (cam_1,cam_2,…), but the render elements are being overwritten. It always saves over the first outputted renderelements (in this case cam_1_renderelementname).

Is this a bug or am i doing something wrong?

Hi Mattias,

Someone just reported the same behavior today, we will look into it asap and get back to you.


Also noticed that cancelling pulze batch render dialog. doesn`t cancel the maxframebuffer rendering

Hi Mattias,

We managed to reproduce and fix the elements bug that you mentioned. We pushed out an auto update, so to get the latest version please close 3ds Max and reopen it. After starting the Scene Manager please go to Menu > About and you should see the following version and date:

Regarding the batch render Cancel button, you are right it doesn’t cancel the process. Unfortunetly it is not possible to stop it through the scene manager. We renamed the button to Close (to avoid misunderstadings) and we added a small note that people should press the Cancel button on 3ds Max Render Window, which will stop it properly.


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