Fstrorm RT batch rendering


Would it be possible to use the RT mode in Fstorm for batch rendering in combination with the reload option (pink reload icon in fstorm framebuffer)?
This is a lot quicker then having to reload the whole scene and i imagine a huge time saver in heavier scenes and animations.

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I you’re sending an animation to, for example, backburner, or render it locally using the production renderer, the scene will not be reloaded inbetween each frame. In other words, I personally see no point of final-rendering batches via RT??

Pulze Render Manager does indeed reload the scene between each frame which is an issue, which is why I still use BackBurner for FStorm.

Are you talking about max file reload or scene parsing? When I switch between camera`s with rtt on and press the reload button, the update is a lot quicker then when I batch render.