Grouping Setups & Duplicate Order


Would be nice to have a feature to group setups in some sort of folders/groups. It would really help to tidy up the setups list when we have a lot of setups (50+) what makes Setup List very long and difficult to navigate.

Also would be good when we using ‘Duplicate selected setups’ option to create duplicates right after selected setup instead of it been created at the end of the list. When we have a lot of setups and need to duplicate one of the setups at the beginning of the list, it takes a long time to drag it up the order of the list to place after the original setup.

Thank you!

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Thank you for the suggestions! Both of them are important and we already put them on our list. These updates will be implemented into the next release.

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I was bout to post a suggestion about this, and found this post … so, bump on this one :wink:

This one is also very interesting indeed … maybe grouping by Scene Name for example ?