Groups in Objects Module

Scene Manager 2.0 got a new Objects Module where we can save visibility and transformation etc of objects.

However it does’t work well with grouped objects, as intead of adding object for the entire group, it adds both the group object as well as all individual object inside the group, and I cannot control the whole group with only one object in the list.

Would it be possible to add and display only the group object, and assign all the settings equally to all objects within that group, instead?


/Johannes L


Hi Johannes,

Yes we know about this problem and I’m currently working on a solution. The main problem is that Groups are a really weird thing in max, although I don’t want to get in the groups vs layers fight :slight_smile: They are a good thing in a lot of cases, and they should work as you described.

Let me get back to you once it’s ready.


Epic, thanks for acknowledging, you’re doing a fantastic job with this plugin. :slight_smile:


We updated Scene Manager 2.0.1, so after a 3dsMax restart the group behavior and several other things should be fixed.

From now on, a group in closed state and it’s content will be handled as one entity and you can control it just like a normal object. If you add an opened group to the Scene Manager that the group and it’s content will be handled separately. I hope that makes sence.

Let us know if you have any problems with it.


Amazing, this is incredibly helpful. Thank you so much for implementing :smiley:

Is it possible to make an option when the objects I want to show in one frame are not automatically transferred to others I understand that this is so intended, but when I have a lot of identical objects, after the tenth frame, I start to get confused in them. also the objects themselves begin to bug.

Hello Silvercat,

I see your point and we will check if this could be a user specific custom setup.
Please let me ask you what are the variables between the different objects?
I’m asking this because we are planning to integrate an additional feature for geometry or material changes. I also would like to mention that from now on you can control the transformation (position/rotation/scale) of an object by Scene Manager. So if you just move around the same geometry then you do not need to copy it.
Best regards,

I move, turn, also change material id through the material modifier.

did not know. I will look at the instructions. thanks

Often we are faced with such a task that we need to render the same object in 2 or 7 different colors. we can do this by animating and changing the material ID for each next key. But it would be great to have an option in the scene manager such as changing the mat id, without changing the animation frame.
Earlier you wrote that there is such an option in the plans. when this option is available or maybe it already exists, but I did not find it?