Object module Groups behaviour

Hi guys. I need some help understanding how groups and their contents work in the Objects module. I’ve read the previous topic on this but I didn’t find an answer and the documentation doesn’t go into detail about this.

What I’d like to do for example is have a group of 10 trees, add the group container to the Objects module (so that I only have 1 item instead of 10 in the list) and fetch the transforms, then in another setup, open the group, move the trees a bit and then fetch these transforms again.

Is it not designed to work like that? The only thing that works is moving the groups as if it was a single object, so all the content moves together. I can see the benefit in that but I’d like to move things individually and avoid having a big list in the Objects module.

Hi again,

So I’m guessing this is not doable? I’m sure 3ds Max makes this impossible but I thought I’d ask anyway.

Hi! Sorry for the later answer. What you describe is not possible. You can either add in a closed group and threat the content of it as 1 object. If you want to control each object individually then you need to add them one by one. This is because of the current design of Scene Manager.

No problem Peter. The current design is fine too.