HDRI Library images missing and not downloading

Hi everyone,
I have another question now :sweat_smile:

I’m trying to browse for HDRI’s via the UI but the images do not appear. Instead I see these Icons (Attached). I’m able to click on the icon which takes me to the next page where I am asked what resolution I would like to download. I’m then asked to define a download location but nothing begins to download and nothing is saved once I have chosen.

Before sending this, I did try a method which solved another issue I was having; deleting the temp folder again and restarting but unfortunately, it’s not worked this time.

Does anyone have any other suggestions?

Many thanks in advance,

Hi Michael,

It seems like HDRI Haven moved their images to somewhere else that is why it is not working. We will handle this problem asap.

Thanks for your understanding!


Thanks, Peter. Just glad it wasn’t just an issue on my end.
Looking forward to the update!