HDRI maps disappeared from all domes lights


Today i have a problem. Six cameras with six different dome lights (every one with a different map). The first three renders did ok … from the fourth render all HDRI maps disappeared from all domes lights.

A few days ago I had another problem.
I had some images to make and I only rendered image number 2. I had to delete all the cards in Scene Manager and do it all again to get it working again.

I’m using 3ds Max 2020, and VRay Next.

Thanks in advance!

Hello npais,

Is it possible to collect your file and send us to: info@pulze.io ?
It would be great to test it inhouse.

On the other hand please let me suggest to you to test the file with Render Manager. It automatically reads out all your setups from Scene Manager. The advantage is that it runs a sanity check before render and it will highlight any problem which might cause the problem.
You can try out Render Manager for free.

Best regards,