HDRI Problem for multiple shots

I dont know if i understand the HDRI Tab correctly but why do i have to select a new HDRI map for every shot? Why is it not the same like the “sun” tab where you can select various suns which are already loaded in the scene? When i have 5 Shots in the scene which should use the same HDRI i have to select the HDRI Map 5 times from my drive?

Hello Florian,

Am I right that you would prefer a drop-down menu to be able to select HDRI maps which are already in the scene? We do consider the idea and will come up with something.
I have to mention that if you have the same map you can assign them in one round. You just have to select all your setups, turn on the HDRI card and browse your desired HDRI map. It will be assigned to all of your selected setups automatically.
For more info you can check the tutorial about light setups: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9FEZ7hurv_A&t=13s



ah, great news! yes i thought about a dropdown menu, that would be great! But your work around with selecting multiple shots is also good, works for now!