HDRI with color correct

Hi I have just downloaded the latest build 210 and notice it now has a color correction in the environment card. I have plugged the environment bitmap into a corona color correction like I normally do but I cannot get the settings from the color corrector node. How does it work?

Hi, I gladly recommend checking the “Environment” tutorial from 4:48. It shows this problem using V-Ray but the logic is similar in case of Corona as well. Please let me know if it helps or if you have any questions.

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Thank you Attila,that works perfectly

Great to hear, thanks!

As a FStorm user, it is very sad because you need to manually add color correction to the HDRI in the material editor to use it

Yes you a right but not just for FStorm. this is true for Corona, V-Ray and all other render engines. First you take care of the creation of maps, color corrections etc, then you can pick these up and gain controll over them. If you check the tutorial that is linked above this is exactly what happens.

What I want to say is whether the color correction in Fstorm can be adjusted directly in the Pulze tool like in the VRay demo video, so that you don’t have to open the material editor to find the HDRI and add the color correction at the end, which saves a lot of time

Like I said, it is fully possible, just follow the video tutorial. Instead of Bitmap just use FStormBitmap and FStormColorCorrection, the rest is the same.