This is getting really frustrating! When I select a HDRI map to link to a camera it just switches to another map! The issue with HDRI’s has been there for so long now, I thought it would FINALLY be fixed with 2.1 but it still doesn’t work!

Please fix that when I select an HDRI from the material editor or put a HDRI in the environment slot it also links to the camera. This is probably one of the most important reasons I use your product but I guess you guys just can’t get it right… why would I pay for this if it only costs me time??

I’m on fstorm btw

Oke so in Scene manager it displays the correct HDRI but it just doesn’t load into the environment slot. I tried all kinds of different things. So now I cannot batch render all the scenes.

Is there a way to reset all of the scene managers settings? So I can start over…

For some reason Scene manager even changes the file in the texture node itself… how is that even possible??

Hello Joep,

Could you please contact us at support@pulze.io so we can look at your problem more closely. We would need a bit more information, max file and or screenshots, recording to understand your problem.

Thank you.


I’ll try to record something later.

Is there a way to reset all the Scene manager’s settings?

Just select all the setups in the list and press delete, if this is what you are thinking of.

Tried that but it’s no use.

Whenever I tried to chose a map from all available maps I see multiple double maps that aren’t in my material editor. Something is wrong with the assigning of bitmaps, or naming or something.