How do I output to .vrimg?

I don’t see that format listed in the Render Output settings. I would like to be able to save that format so that I can do post-production corrections in VFB. Thank You.

All Render Output cards, Common, RAW and Render Elements have the option (extension) to choose VRIMG.

I must have a different version than you because that’s definitely not an option!?

Use the Render Output - RAW module and set the Extension to V-Ray Image (*.vrimg)

What am I doing wrong?

Oh never mind… Somehow I posted this in Render Manager… I’m using Scene Manager. Not sure if they can be used together or not. Sorry!

No problem, I moved the topic.
It seems like you are absolutely right, the .vrimg option for some reason is not available when you are using V-Ray GPU, we are going to fix this asap!

Thanks for pointing this out!

Hi. Any idea how long before the issue is fixed? Thank you.