How many Licenses?


I have a question about the Licensing system. It is not really clear to me how to calculate the number off Licenses needed in our studio setup.

Are the Licenses calculated per User, Workstation or all computers (Workstationd and Nodes)?

Our setup is the following:
We have 3 artists, each with 2 workstations. We have 1 master Render Slave that is the Master for our Distributed rendering, and then we have 10 Slaves that help in the Distributed rendering.

So we have 3 users, 6 workstations, 11 nodes. 17 computers in total. How many Licenses do we need? 3, 6, 7 or 17?

I’m assuming 7: 6 for the Workstations and 1 for the Master Slave (the other 10 nodes just run Vray DR)? Is this correct?

PS. Unless I am looking over it, this might be useful information to add on the website on how Licenses are calculated. I have looked for it, and can’t find it.


Thank you for your interest and thanks for the suggestion to clarify this topic.

The licencing is simple: you have to purchase 1 licence / PC (no matter if it is a node or a workstation)
In your case you need 17 licences.
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The licences are floating ones.

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