How to just render jobs in the sequence they were submitted?

This may seem dumb, but I’ve only used backburner for the last 10 years. I just submitted 3 jobs and I have 3 nodes. I was surprised to see they were all doing a job each instead of all doing the job that was submitted first?

Then I was looking for a way to prioritise job 1 so that all nodes jump on it and got pretty frustrated. I ended up suspending job 2 and 3 to get them all working on job 1.

What is the workflow here? I just saw this in the help file:

" E - Dependencies

You can set up dependencies between jobs. Dependent jobs will always wait for the chosen jobs to finish first."

Surely I don’t have to go through this rigmarole every time I send a job? Is there a setting somewhere that just defaults to rendering jobs in order?

Hi Kyron,

Assuming you are using Render Manager 2 you can absolutely do that without using the dependency settings. Go to the admin tab > distributor settings and adjust the slider like this:

This will match the behavior of backburner.


Ah thanks Peter. I’m evaluating for our studio use.
Being so frustrated about something so basic was a bit of a time sink. Feel like that setting should be more front and center while sending jobs (and it remembers your choice for future), not hidden in an admin panel.

Love the UI and software though. Will keep testing and trying the features.
Thanks for your help.

No problem!

I guess once our documentation and tutorials are ready these things wont be an issue anymore as we will explain all the steps.

We decided to put that slider to the admin panel since it is a global value that you decide once and you change it rarely.

Anyway let us know if you bump into any issues while testing!