Howto create/import new Cmasking

Hi, I try to undoerstand how Post manager work and I’m not there yet.

First I create a new file from and EXR (corona) , Ok, I got my Cmasking 1 to 13 extracted
Then I update my render, with a new one, but With MORE cMasking 1 to 30
and no… Only 1-13 are update and I can’t manage to Import 14-30.

I might have miss a button, but don’t understand witch one.


There is an option to create new layer masks.

Sometimes it does not recognize the new masks on the UI in this stage yet, but they will be extracted, when this is toggled on.

Ok Thanks, I ll try this.

HUm, I work at 50%.
Yes it add new mask, but It extract in a very wierd way, some masks are double, other are not updated. And all the rest is ok (or maybe it is because mask did not change)

Not reliable for production, Or I defenitly miss something about how to use it.

thanks anyway

If you can send me the files at I can check out what goes wrong!
If you do, please include the .psd in its pre replaced state, and the the file or files with the new render elements, that you want to replace with.


simple Question.
I move to Png files, 48 bits w/ alpha channel
Works A little bit better, but it takes so much time to replace elements
about 10 min.
Replacing Cessentiel Elements is Fast.
But recreating each mask, takes…about 1 min for each RBG.

Is it normal ? does it take long time.
Is it faster with Blak and White mask ?

Thanks !

Unfortunately the speed there is all up to Photoshop and the resolution of your image.
If your masks are only using one channel, than you can try using a Luma Mattes insted, but I cant guarantee it will be any faster