Human readable time and date properties for daylight system

I’d like to set camera-dependent times of day using the Daylight system in the Sun panel. When I Fetch the Time or Date values from the scene, they come in as decimal numbers, not formatted as a time or date. It’s technically functional, but if I want to quickly reference the time/date of a camera matched shot, it’s a little hard to read. The below screenshot references a daylight setting of 12:52pm on May 23rd.

pulze_time and date

Is it possible to display these values in a time/date format?


Hi @sdombrowski!

Challenge accepted :slight_smile:

3ds Max under the hood uses solar date and time which is a bit problematic, but thanks to the new core in our beta this is not a problem anymore and turned out to be an easy fix.

Will test it a bit more and it should be available later today.

Welp, that was quick. Thanks a bunch!