Improved priority options

When I set up 10 renders, for example and I want 9 of them prioritized over one I must set all 9 to ‘Medium’ or ‘High’ priority.

When what would be much simpler and easier is if I could set the single scene to ‘Low’.

My suggestion; by default the scenes should be loaded in as ‘Medium’ and if I want only 1 to be ‘Low’ priority, I can change just this one, rather than upping the other 9, as explained above.

I hope this makes sense. Thanks!


First thig first: in the upcoming version the whole priority mechanism is completely redesigned so you will have more control for sure. You will see in a couple of weeks :wink:
In the meantime I kindly suggest to use dependency instead of priority. You can add and remove dependency rules at the job creation and also on the fly. The dependency can be strict which means that all the Nodes waiting for the last frame are rendered and then they jump onto the next job. If you do not thick the “Strict” box then then the Nodes gradually move to the next job.
Thank you for your understanding.
Best regards,

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