Priority issues in RM


So, I have about 10 renders lined up.

I have 4 still renders that I want to render first, so I set these to HIGH priority.

I also had an animation (approx 200 frames) I wanted to render next, so I set this to MEDIUM priority.

Pulze RM started rendering the medium animation first. Why? Doesn’t make much sense to me. Hopefully this is fixed in the upcoming releases.


Edit: The animation still wants to render first even when it’s set to Normal. This is clearly wrong and pretty frustrating.


As I suggested over here (Improved priority options) I gladly recommend to use dependency instead of priority. In the existing version of Render Manager the priority is not about a strict rule which decides which job should be rendered first. It is more like an indicator which tells to RM which job needs more resources. It is designed for bigger teams when naturally everyone wants their job done first and it leads to chaos. So to maximize the farm utilization RM try to render every job and slightly dispatch the assignment following the priority setup. In a case when you are alone and you would like to handle your jobs manually the dependency is the right tool to manage the order of the jobs. We redesigned this feature in version 2.0 so stay tuned.
Thanks for your understanding.
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Thanks Attila,

Looking forward to 2.0 then!