Issues when closing and reopening pulze scene manager

So here is an example of my issue.

I have a scene, with designated camera and object and sun transforms keyed. If I select the scene the sun and objects move to the correct position, but if i close the pulze window and move the sun position, theres no way for me to update that position in the scene, because as soon as I select it, it obviously applies the transform…and I lose the changes.

Its a bit hard to describe so let me know if you need clarification, but is there a way to select the scene and update the transforms etc? Or do i have to create a new, fresh scene?


Hello @adenne

Thanks for reporting your issue. I think I understand your issue.
It’s important that whenever you start using the transformation property in Scene Manager first you should have state where you can save the initial position of your sun. Then move to the next scene and save the alternative positions.

This way you will always have the original position and the extra ones for each camera or setup.

I hope this makes sense. If I misunderstood your problem then please send us a few screenshots and will try to help you again :slight_smile:

Hi, thx for reply.

Ok, I get you, thanks. Currently though, if you have a scene, with sun transforms set. I change the sun position, create a new empty scene, as soon as i click the empty one it also reverts the position of the sun. Might be a good feature to not have that happen, when clicking a new empty scene.

(ive added a video link to show what i mean)



Not sure if I follow, but if you change your sun position why don’t you put that on a new keyframe and set your new scene to that frame?

yeah i get that theres different ways to workaround it, but thats not what the point of the post was. I dont really want to start adding keyframes, or having to set scenes to different keys on the timeline.

Thanks though.

I’m trying to understand your setup. How is the position of your sun stored if not on a keyframe?

sorry i thought you meant max’s keyframes. I’m using the scene managers object transform options.

Aah I get it now, I haven’t used that yet, it’s actually quite handy. A way to solve your problem is by activating the new scene you created, by holding down the ALT key before clicking. Thay way you can change whatever and update the new position without ‘switching’ to it first.

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you are a star !! :slight_smile: Thats exactly what i needed…thanks for your help, much appreciated :slight_smile:

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