Job fails right before rendering

Hi. Just installed Pulze (to replace Deadline in our studio), but when the job is about to render on the node, max just closes and pulze throws a very vague “something went wrong” error on the job. It collected all maps and did the tone operator, but failed before light cache calc. What are the most frequent causes for this behavior? I had another test file that at first had the same error, but then suddenly rendered when I retried a few times, without me doing anything different. Help please :slight_smile:

To be more specific about the error message: “An unexpected exception has occurred in the network renderer and it is terminating.”

Hi Jon,

First of all welcome to the Pulze forum, nice to have you here.

Regarding your error please have a look at these topics:!

If these general answers are not helping to solve the problem please reach out at and we will look into it!