Job Priority Order Options

The default should be the middle option (medium/normal), it would be easier if you have lots of jobs to make a job low priority to render last by clicking (low) than it is to set all of the jobs besides the one with the lowest priority to medium/high. You may as well have just two options in its current state (Normal/High).


We often submit high priority animations first and then submit lower priority ones last but in its current state Pulze will prioritize the last submitted job IF no priority is setup when submitting a job or no dependency is setup. Sometimes our clients priorities change during our animation submission and it would be easier to push jobs to low priority status to render last with less clicks.

Failing that then how about a priority numbering system like backburner, lower the number the higher the priority. We’ve been doing that in the office for over a decade and no issues with that.

Playing around with it for a couple days, I see that medium priority assigns a majority of nodes with the rest going to normal priority jobs and high priority assigns all of the nodes. is this correct? I think we will just need some time to adjust to this method coming from backburner after so many years, its not as much of a big deal as we originally thought and I think we can adjust.

Yes you are correct, this tutorial regarding the jobs sums up how priority works:

It may sounds strange, especially if you are coming from backburner where people mostly used priority to control the sequence of the jobs. In the Render Manager priority determines the amount of nodes that is allocated to a job.

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