Job submission API?

Hello, the studio I work at is finally looking to switch away from BackBurner. One of our devs is very keen on being able to programatically submit jobs - something that we couldn’t easily do with BB - and is wondering if there is any way to do so with the Pulze render manager?

IE, is there currently or planned any way to prepare a scene and submit it as a job to Pulze from within 3ds Max or another application?


Hi Josh,

Currently there is no way to submit jobs programatically, however it is on our todo list and we are looking forward to implement it in a future update. In an ideal world what would be the parameters that you would like to set during the submission with the api?



As many as possible would be good, but at minimum I’d think:

  • Job Name
  • Dependencies
  • Priority
  • Mode / Method / “Single Frame” value

Slightly lower priority as these are inherited from in-app settings:

  • Render output paths
  • Render Resolution
  • Render output types (ie, “Common”, “VRay Channels”)

Being able to override Plugin Requirements could be useful in edge cases, but doesn’t seem as critical 90% of the time.

Thank you for the quick response, I’m excited to see where this software goes!