Jobs after a power shutdown


I’m not sure it’s really an issue, so please excuse me if I post in the wrong section.
A few days ago, I ran a bunch of jobs using RM, and there was a power shutdown in the early morning, thus shutting down brutally my machine. The renderings were over, so no problem here, but something seemed weird to me: the jobs weren’t in the list anymore, even as finished obviously, and RM had somehow been reset by this shut down … repository folder wasn’t defined anymore, things like that, a bit like if I was running RM for the first time. Is there any chance to get RM more resistant to such situations / crashs / whatever would shut down our machines ?
I mean, my workstation is configured to reboot automatically, it would be great to have RM continuing its work, even after a power shut down, if jobs were still waiting :wink:

Thanks in advance,

Best regards.