Jobs assigned to particular nodes

Hi there!
I have just started testing the Render manager in our studio. Its seems very promising. Well done!

I have only few questions.
Here I am missing the feature where I can assign a job (Single frame method)to particular nodes.
Also once its in the queue it would be great if we re-assign jobs or change priorities.
Also during the single frame submission. Is there a way we can chose which camera I want to render?

Perhaps, You have this features in the scene manager, which i haven’t tested yet.

Thank you very much for your time.


Thank you for the kind words :slight_smile:

When submitting a Single Frame or Animation job there is no way to assign or choose nodes manually. Beside the must have software requirements that kicks out the incompatible nodes, you can add hardware and benchmark based requirements which will help you narrow down the nodes that should participate on the job.

A workaround could be to choose Distributed as a job type and with that you can select a “master” node if you wish.

Once you submit as job are able to modify the priority or change the maximum node count. Later on we will add the ability to do more.

There is no option to choose the camera when submitting. If you browse the file then it will render as it was saved, if you choose a running instance then it will render the camera that is currently active. If you use the Scene Manager, then in both cases (browsing or selecting a running max) you will have the option to choose one or setup (camera) to submit.

Selecting which particular machine or machines to submit to would rank high on my wishlist too.
Our current rendermanager has ‘pools’ in which I group different spec’d machine together so I can submit to a pool where all machines have 96Gb memory for instance, or a pool which has certain hardware I KNOW will render the job.

I know you have ‘job requirements’ but submitting to pools and nodes would be ever so cool. (also in relation to renderfarm management and overview)

I would REALLY love this function. We have a lot of different workstations with different specs and it would be very helpful to be able to choose specific nodes, just like in backburner.
Love your great work on this software!

Great, thank you very much for your input. In future versions we are considering having a more manual option so you will be able to select which nodes should work on the job. We are also refining the requirements, so filtering the node based on different benchmarks and RAM will be super convenient.

plus 1 on this feature!

Another great thing is if you have f. example 5 different scenes that you want to render on only your own computer through the weekend, you could be able to only assign your own computer to all the jobs. Just like batch render, but with different scenes.