Jobs Get Stuck in "working"

sometimes in the render manager the job will “begin” but will be stuck in the opening scene, or some other early part of the process, and it will hold a node for several hours if the job goes unnoticed. the only solutions i have found is pausing and then unpausing the specific renders, but that doesnt always fix the problem

Try to check the Max log on the node that failed.
It is located here:
C:\Users#USERNAME#\AppData\Local\Autodesk\3dsMax\2022 - 64bit\ENU\Network

Often it says that there is a texture that cannot be read, so go into “Asset tracker”, right click and click “remove missing assets”.

I can recommend the “Prune Scene” script from It often helps when there is a problem with network rendering.

If you can send us some log files we are happy to dig into them and help you figure out why it gets stuck.