JPG + EXR render output

Hi There!

I came up with a problem with translating our standard workflow into Scene Manager.
We are in the test phase and we want to be sure that everything works as it is supposed to before we purchase 4 licenses.

We use Corona Renderer.

When we render production renders we usually save them in JPG ( save all render elements at once ) + we save the Beauty as EXR to be able to apply postproduction in CameraRAW in photoshop using all 16 bits.

Is there an option to set up multiple outputs with different file extensions, while rendering the image only once?

Any help will be much appreciated.


Hey Morzyk,
Yeah this is all possible and is working perfect on our end.

So the way you want to set it up, is to use Render Elements tab.
You can control multiple file extensions in there as per screenshot below.

If you want to have more control over the type of .exr your using, or save some elements as cxr (as you can see it’s missing from the rollout list above), you have to use the method below.
So first set up your desired extension in Render Output tab, in our example it’s .cxr, then adjust all the other elements (in render element’s tab) from default to jpg.
(“default” is basically sourcing the extension type from Render Output tab)This way you can have your beauty saved as CXR/EXR, and everything else as jpg or any other format available in the rollout.
unless you have selected .cxr as a main extension format in Render Output tab.

Hope it makes sense!

PS. remember to “Update” your render elements tab everytime you regenerate your lightmix, or add some extra render elements (new masks etc), these will automatically have “default” extension assigned after you update the tab.

Many thanks!
I am looking forward to test it myself.

I understand that when the .EXR extension is selected in the Render Output window, all the render elements will be saved as .EXR as well, unless we will change them in the Render Elements window to for example.JPGs. Is that the correct thinking?

Yes, that’s correct, everything else will automatically save as your extension format set in Pulze’s Render Output tab (EXR in your case), unless you change it to sth else in Render Elements tab.