Kill task after certain amount of time

Hi there,

It would be great to implement a feature which lets our users kill a task after a specific time.

This morning I woke up to see one frame being stuck at the precalculation phase for almost 8 hours. This could be resolved by such an option to have the possibility to kill the task after a certain amount. (I have the feeling that this is mostly a Vray GPU 6 issue, but an option to counter this in the rendermanager would be awesome!)

So for instance: I know that on this specific project i am currently working on, rendertimes never exceed 10 minutes a frame. So i set a killtimer to make sure that a task gets killed after 15 minutes. This would be such a great feature to make sure that our renders actually get trough during the night.

Hi @contact

Thanks for the suggestion. We need to change a quite a few things in order to make this work. For example currently we leave 3ds Max / V-Ray to do the saving once a render is finished. We have to change this so we cancel the render and save the output ourselves, etc.

The good news is that we are working on some new things were this behaviour will fit perfectly so you can expect this in the near future for sure!