Layers not respecting setup

Having a strange one thats causing me no end of trouble.

So i setup my layers and bring over the ones i need to control to the “layers section”. Turn one off, that’s fine, but it starts to act like each setup is an instance of another. So it doesn’t respect what i set as visible or not and keeps changing as i work down each setup. So the visibility of each layer doesn’t stick. Its one of my favourite uses for scene manager but it often flakes out on me resulting in me having to send to rendermanager individually rather than batch them to ensure layer visibility control.

Is this a known issue. I’m using the latest version?



Hi Curtis.

Please reach out to us at with a file that has the mentioned problem and we will have a look. The latest public version is 2.1.0


having this same issue here now, i set a layer and it will act like it turned on for another, i have to restart max for it to work properly

Thanks for the report. Could it be just a viewport refresh issue? After you set the layer or activate the state try to click on the viewport and see if it refreshes. Will look into this issue a bit deeper.


From my experiments with it, it happens predictably when I add layers after i have already created the original set up of included layers previously.

From what i gather, if i add a layer to one camera. that layer will appear in all the camera lists as a layer. but these cameras don’t seem to reliably respect what state you set that new layer to and will only respect the previous state the new layer was set to in the previous camera. My suspicion is that although they appear in the list, they aren’t an “active” member in the list of all the cameras, only the ones you specifically added them to (they behave more like an instance). What i have found is if i use the “copy” function in the layers list of one camera and then paste it in to another camera, even though visually there should be no need to as the layer is there, any edits i now make to the added layer will change properly as i intend rather than just following whatever state it was set to in the previous camera. Like when copying geometry rather than instance.

I am aware how convoluted that all sounds but i hope it makes some sense. Its a difficult thing to describe. Its only a half solution as well as if you had a very complex set of layers switching this could become extremely time consuming and unmanageable if you needed to add a new layer down the line. I try to keep these kinds of setups as simple as I possibly can to avoid complication anyway.


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Sorry for not getting back to you on this @peter.sarhidai. I got swamped in the pre-holiday squeeze and forgot to come back. Its not a specific file and rears its head fairly regularly when i need that functionality. I’ve described it above and how ive been “fixing” it.

refreshing a 3ds max viewport? how is that done? redraw all views option?

So far with the latest update this issue doesn’t seem to be present for me anymore. this is just as well as this complex scene with lots of layers turning on and off would be a nightmare.