Let nodes retry a job a few times

It would be good to be able to set the amount of times a node can re-try a job before giving up and moving on to the next one. For example, you have a scene that often crashes. You can set the job so that nodes will only give up if they fail 3 times without successfully rendering a frame.


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Hi Josh,

Thanks for the suggestion we will look into it!

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Hi Peter,
this is one of the most awaited feature for us.
I’m sure you know how unreliable Max can be on some of the scenes.
Some plugins also cause it to crash during startup etc, it would be really good if we could manually set larger amount (or even infinite) of retries for particular jobs/workstations.

Hi @inkvisual

This has been requested multiple times this year, it is definitely on our list and we will make it happen.


+1 and i would even like to request an infinite retry node option I am only using one node as a render node. So there isn’t really any other option for me. Happened too often already that i found out in the morning that my scene errored in the night. A simple fix is always just manually retrying, but it would be great to have this done automatically and thus not wasting any important render hours :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance!

+1. @peter.sarhidai , please improve this function. It would be great to have this option where we can set the retry timeout for rendernodes manually.

Thank you!


I asked for this years ago. They said it was in development, if I recall correctly.

Thanks for bumping the topic, we are working on version 3 which is built from the ground to support retry and a few other features that Render Manager can’t do at the moment.

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