License Error when start Scene Manager


I’m getting license error every time I start Scene Manager (please see attached screenshot). To get it fixed I need to close it and open again. Only after that it picks the license.


Has anyone encountered the same issue?


Thanks for reporting your issue. Another user from Australia also reported this problem so I think our servers for that part of the world are not behaving as they should. Will look into it asap and fix this problem today.


Thank you Peter for looking into it!

We just uploaded an updated version (2.0.1) that fixes a lot of things, could you check that and see if you get the same message? You can download it from


Thanks Peter for such a prompt update! Looks like new version fixed this license error.

Update: after few days of testing new version 2.0.1 we are still having License error from time to time. Not at every launch how it was in v2.0.0, but still about every 2-3 launches


Thank you for the feedback! We will update the system today afternoon so after a restart we hope it will be fine.

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