License Error without internet

Hi guys. license problems again.
When we render at night and the Internet disappears, manager shows a license error and stops the render. This greatly spoils the delivery of projects. Is it possible to remove this error with the window? The machines are connected to the network. and they don’t need the internet to render. because of this, the manager becomes a weak spot.

Hello silvercat,

Is it possible to remove this error with the window?
Sure, we will examine how to get rid of this issue. In the meantime as a workaround I suggest to use the “Bake” feature. In this way you can initiate the Max’s Batch rendering or you can use any other 3rd party render manager such as Backburner.

Of course my recommendation is to use Pulze Render Manager for batch rendering. It recognises the Scene Manager setups automatically and distributes them between the available Nodes. It is also an advantage that using Render Manager your Nodes does not need internet connection. Only the One PC in Workstation mode has to connect to the internet to get a licence.



Ok. Can you make so that after the Internet appeared - rendering continued further?
Now need to click OK for the rendering to continue. But at night no one can do it

Sure, we will update it as soon as possible.