Linked Smart Objects


We are trying to use the “linked smart objects” option but we are finding that the layers end up being just “smart objects” once loaded even though the “linked smart objects” option is selected.

We can see as the file is being created by post manager the layers have the linked symbol but right at the end of loading you can see all the layers change to smart object symbol one by one just before it finishes.

Please let me know any thoughts.



Hi Chris!
Basically what happens is Post Manager imports the layers as Linked Smart objects, but then it runs a reset layer transforms feature to ensure correct transform values, in case when the render element replacement misaligns your layers.

It is only useful when working with premultiplied images, that has a big chunk of transparent areas in your image, like an empty sky on top, or sides.
Unfortunately this feature cancels out the Linked Smart objects feature.
I’ll implement a prompt, that alerts the user of this conflict.

To avoid this, just go into the Settings window and select ‘Leave as it is’ in the reset layer transforms option.

I hope it helps!

Great thanks for quick detailed answer . That worked. We had one artist in the team here that preferred to use linked smart objects, so you may have another new user.



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