Locking camera in active viewport

Hi there!

I’m back to using RM after a 6 month hiatus. It’s extremely useful but I found it a little difficult/buggy and therefore not 100% reliable in production client rendering.

I’m now giving it another go…

My first test produced one of the issues I experience earlier; it rendered ONLY the camera that the 3DSMax viewport had active when I saved/closed the scene. (ie; it didn’t render the camera that was applied to each set-up in SM but it rendered each set-up with the same wrong camera).

I emailed Attila about this last year and he said that it is advised to ‘unlock’ the viewport from a camera, that is, make sure that the viewport is in perspective mode. Is this still relevant? It’s not a great work-flow to have to remember every time I close max to ‘unlock’ the viewport from a particular camera…

Thanks for any feedback!


You are right, at the moment you have to keep in mind the following:
If you are using Render Manger for batch rendering previously created Scene Manager setups then it is important to unlock the “View to render” field at Render Settings and activate the correct viewport.

It is known that this behavior is inconvenient so we already updated it in the new version. It will be available in weeks and it will allow you to do whatever you want. It will always render the correct camera.
Thank you for your patience and for your understanding.
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Good to know!

Thanks mate :slight_smile: