Lost camera setup while working in two different computers

So we have this project, that it is worked by two artists, several camera views and setting were created with Pulze Scene manager, but when the second artist opened the file, ( on a different machine of course) these setting didn’t show up.

Sometimes I also noticed that when I do changes inside the Scene manager window and then I close it, those changes are not saved?
Is there a way to have a save button? or forcing to save local or external files, so these setups can be shared with other computers?

Hello Christopher,

Every interaction in Scene Manager is saved into the Max file where you use it. So the expected behavior is the following: If you save the max file with SM information in it and if you open up the file on a different computer which has the same version of SM then you should be able to see all the setups.
As far as I understand you have a different experience so I would like to kindly ask you to contact us at support@pulze.io and send over the max file which behaves incorrectly. We will examine it asap.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Best regards,